Cheap Initial D diecast - low cost Initial D collectibles

Price Drop for Initial D diecasts Great news for all Initial D diecast collectors, especially for Initial D collectors who are searching for cheap Intiail D diecast. Apparently, there would be a huge price drop for Initial D diecasts and other merchandise. This would include Takumi’s Toyota AE86 Panda Trueno, God Hand’s Honda S2000, and God Foot’s Nissan Skyline R34.

To readers who are not familiar with Initial D, it is the popular manga whose plot revolves around a young skilled racer who honed his driving skills through delivering tofu on the dangerous mountain road of Mount Akina (a fictional place in Japan). The manga garnered enough popularity that the manga was adapted to anime and a live film in 2005.

The reason for the price drop Moving on, as researched, there would be a live film sequel to be released in 2012. The film is seemingly directed by the actor playing Takumi. Most readers are probably wondering what would be the relation of an Initial D live film sequel and the diecast toys price drop. The simple answer would be profit and gain. Obviously, if the sequel is a hit then toy makers would surely make or re-issue InitialD stocks.

Manufacturing Pattern During the peak of its anime popularity, various toy makers (AutoArt, Kyosho, Jada, just to name a few) manufactured different Initial D collectibles – from diecast vehicles to RCs. When the anime is discontinued or ended at Stage 4 (season 4), Initial D collectibles have slowly disappeared from the market. Because of this, existing Initial D merchandise became rare and hard to finds. Needless to say prices of such items ballooned to an unbelievable degree. It would be impossible to located a cheap Initial D diecast in all scales.

Having an Initial D live film sequel is good news. However, for diecast collectors, an even greater news would be to see the return and piling of stocks of Initial D merchandise on toy store pegs. Of course this would spell bad news to Initial D collectors who paid a high price for their collection.


  1. Great! thanks for the info!

    1. Hope this is true as the prices on eBay are ridiculous. I'll have to wait for that AE86 trueno initial D diecast of Takumi

  2. The Autoart models are the bomb. A must have for every Initial D fan.