Burago Alfa Romeo 1:18 (Made In Thailand)

Diecast Model: Burago (made in Thailand)
Scale: 1:18 
Color: Red 
Manufacturer: Unknown

ERTL 1:18 Covertte Diecast (Tokyo Drift)

Diecast Model: ERTL Corvette 1:18 (Similar / resembles the one used in the first racing scene of the movie Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift)
Scale: 1:18 
Color: Red 
Manufacturer: ERTL

Shell Ferrari Promotional Diecast from 1998

Diecast Model: Ferrari Promotional Material From Shell (1998) 
Scale: 1:18 
Color: Red 
Manufacturer: Unknown

Burago Lamborghin Diablo Made In Italy

Diecast Model: Lamborghini Diablo Made In Italy
Scale: 1:18
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Burago

I am Legend Diecast Movie Car Hotwheels

About the movie / film / TV show: Will Smith stars in this movie – I am Legend. It falls under the zombie genre and is a great film about the end of human race due to a deadly contagious disease.

Miami Vice Diecast

Diecast featured here are model replicas of cars used on both movie and TV show.

The black Ferrari is the one used by Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in the film while the white one is used by Don Johnson in the TV show

Fast and Furious 5 diecast

Aside from the 1970 Chevelle SS, all diecast cars featured here are used in the fifth installment of The Fast and The Furious movie (also called Fast Five or Rio heist)

Ja Rule Fast and Furious Car Replica

What we have here is a diecast replica of the car used by Ja Rule in the first movie of The Fast and The Furious franchise.

Hidden Fast and Furious Movie Car

Photos below are hidden or un-official Fast and Furious diecast cars from Hotwheels. For those who haven't realized, the green Torino and Blue Nissan Skyline GTR are vehicles used in the fourth installment of the FnF franchise.

Powerful NEN user - Enter Hisoka

Who is Hisoka!
Hisoka – a character in the hit anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter. Hisoka’s outer appearance is similar to a magician but is sometimes compared to a clown. However, don’t let this fool you as he is one of the ruthless and powerful antagonist in the manga. It would also be interesting to note that his clothing changes after each arc.