The Fast and The Furious Huge Diecast Collection

Paul walker stars as Brian O'Connor in the blockbuster movie: The Fast and The Furious. Together with Vin Diesel playing as Dominic Toretto, this movie is what pushed or rather egged me to collect movie diecast cars.

Seeing Dom's RX7 and the gang's noisy and powered street cars, I just got to have those metal machines. Decided that my main line collection would be Batmobiles, FnF1 cars will be my side collect.

As you have seen, I haven’t been able to focus on my objective of collecting only FnF1 cars ü Included on the photos are cars from the second and third installment. There are more but no photos yet. Hopefully, will upload them soon ü You may have also noticed that I already have most of the main cars used on FnF1 but some are really HTFs (hard to find). But as they say, patience is a virtue ü Eventually, with a lot of luck and wishful thinking, I would be able to get my hands on Johnny Tran's black Honda S2000 and the truck the crew used to hijack

All the exotic 1:64 The Fast and The Furious diecast featured on the collection below are from the The Fast and The Furious movie franchise. Some of the diecast movie cars replica may have appeared on either the first, second, and third installment. Can you guess which of which? Easy? How about the make and model of each diecast car?

Hats off to Hotwheels for an awesome 2010 movie car diecast lineup. Not only Ecto-1 and Batmobile but also “The Fast and The Furious” diecast replica vehicles. First, we got the Blue Nissan Skyline used by Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker’s character) in the 4th FnF installment “Fast and Furious”. I bought two, one for opening and one for MOC (mint on card) ü Second, we got a replica of the 70 Chevelled used by Dominic on the first movie. This car can be seen driven by Vin Diesel after the ending credits. Thank you and great job Hotwheels


  1. The cars are from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd installments

  2. Hi there Guys, I'm after EVERY Fast & Furious Car in 1:64 Scale thats EVER been made, please please tell me that they are available from your company or that you know where I can get them either 1 by 1 or as a collection,,, & & even Gumtree have all proved fairly useful however, I have not been able to get them ALL, I collect Hot Wheels 1:64 Scale Cars & I have shelves & shelves full of them so the Fast & The Furious Cars really would take pride of place among them !! Even if I have to purchase them on line from The United States I do not mind, I'll even pay the shipping fees that come with the orders :). Thank you very much for your time. I hope to hear back from you real soon.

    Yours Hopefully

    David John Lowe

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    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately, my FnF collection are not for sale. But I wish you luck though. I hope my visitors may contact you in case they have some Fast and Furious cars that they can spare.

      I'll let you know too in case I decided to let go of miniature treasures :)

      Thanks again and good luck