The Most Powerful Characters of Hunter X Hunter

At last, the Hunter X Hunter manga series is finally picking up. Any HxH fan knows that the manga has been marred by problems and hiatuses. But trust me, it is worth the wait. New story development, new powerful characters, same old good stuffs. Gone is the “chimera ant arc”, personally think that this arc has dragged on for so long and the whole purpose of it is to get rid of the Chairman Netero – the president of the Hunter X Hunter association.

For the benefit of those who are not updated or unaware, Chairman Netero has been killed by the King the of the chimera ants. Said arc also seemingly disclosed that he is still the most powerful Nen user and hunter on the HxH universe – aside from the King of the chimera of course which I don’t really consider a nen user so it would be a travesty if he would be killed by any other human hunter or nen user. This leads to the question many HxH fans have in mind: who are the echelons, the top, the powerful characters in the HxH series.

Well, obviously, Netero and Ging Freecs (father of Gon Freecs to which the whole story of the HxH is about) are among the top 5 most powerful nen users. Who are the other three? Apparently, the other three can be found on any of the group below:

Genei Ryodan / Spider Brigade / Phantom Troupe –
Hands down, one of the most powerful group in the HxH universe. The members of this group are thieves, killers, though they randomly do philantrophy work. Headed by Kororo Lucifer, the group consists of 13 members. Membership can be achieved in two ways, killing a current member wherein the killer can take the number of the killed member or by appointment by Kororo. There are numerous instance wherein the strength of the group or of an individual member has been showcased: killing other expert nen users, being able to go in and out of greed island and killing other players, easily killing mid to mid-high level chimera ants, etc…

The Zoldyck Family –
Unlike the Spider Brigade, the Zoldycks are assassins and each of their kill is purely business – this entails that they won’t kill if not paid. Killua, Gon’s best friend, is the chosen successor of the family. Silva, Killua’s father fought with Kororo Lucifer twice and almost killed him on the 2nd encounter. Silva also killed a Spider Brigade member. Zeno, Killua’s grandfather, is a friend of Netero and assisted the chairman in assaulting the chimera king’s palace. Needless to say, all the members of Zoldyck family are incredibly strong as seen in different episodes or chapter of the anime and manga.

The Zodiac 12 –
The members of the Zodiac 12 are personal friends, sparring partners, or confidants of chairman Netero. Ging Freecs, father of Gon is a member of this group. Netero also willed that the next chairman should be chosen from the Zodiac 12. Little is known about this group and though each member appears to be strong and exceptional hunters, Hisoka ranked Illumi, Killua’s eldest brother, as stronger on some of the members.

Ging’s Gang –
The creators of Greed Island. Greed Island is a place created nen users and all things inside the island are made of nen. Only nen users can enter the island and some are trapped and died within the game. Genei Ryodan tried to play the game but able to discover its secret. Having decided to steal the treasures of the island instead of playing and finishing the game, their plans are thwarted by Razr, a gamemaster and one of the creators of Greed Island. Razr is the only member of the gang that displayed combat abilities by heavily damaging Hisoka and Killua.


  1. nice info. thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, got 2 questions:

    1) re: "Silva, Killua’s father fought with Kororo Lucifer twice...” – I know an instance when the mafia hired assassins to kill the head of ryodan...i'm thinking that's the 1st encounter since Silva/Zeno are both clueless with Kororo's when's the 2nd?

    2) Still re Ryodans: "easily killing mid to mid-high level chimera ants, etc…" – I'm lost, I followed the entire arc, didn't see any I missing a chapter?

    Thanks and great work!

    - Joey

  3. Howdy fellow HxH fans:
    As far as I can recall:
    1. A page on one of the chapters of the manga (forgot which issue and not shown on Anime) showed that Silva is fighting Kororo. This happened before the YorkShin Arc making the fight on YorkShin their 2nd encounter.

    2. Actually, around 4 or 5 Ryodan members (including Kalluto) fought with the Chimera Ants. This I think covered three chapters.

    Hope this helps.

    To the author: Nice job by the way

  4. Why is Hisoka not included here? He just killed Bushidora and Teradein and is at par with Illumi!

  5. ^^ Duh! Hisoka in the top five? Don't confuse popularity with ability.

  6. Hisoka is not included...please see why here:

  7. The Spiders are definitely strong

    Remember during the York Shin arc? Four of them, Shalnark, Shizuku, Machi, and Feitan, fought against the six remaining members of the Injiyuu

    They seemed to triumph unscathed!

    I guess Shizuku sucked their blood. lol

  8. ^^ thanks for the info. Have totally forgotten about that one. Come to think of it, the Uvogin-Nobunaga combo can seemingly wipe out all of Injiyuu :)

  9. How about a rumble between the Spiders and the Assassins? hmmm....

  10. ^^ haha
    What if someone paid the Zoldycks to wipe out the Spiders?
    What if the Spiders wanted to steal the treasures in the Zoldyck mountain?
    :) :) :)

    1. f i were them i would stole the dragon and the dog

  11. Thanks for sharing your ideas. As for the Zoldycks VS the Spiders, I think the Zoldycks would win. Current revelations shows that they have some formidable butlers plus a single wish from Alluka can eliminate all the Spiders - though the return would be devastating :)

    1. Interesting topic! I for one would go for the Ryodan especially if Kororo is back on the team and Uvo is still alive.

      As for the powerful characters, I think the creators of GI are pretty formidable to maintain and run the game for more than ten years.

  12. Sorry for the out of topic but is Pariston considered a strong character? Judging from the latest manga, he is now part of the crew of Netero's son.

  13. Waaah...HIATUS again!!!!

  14. already out at

  15. as the story goes Isaac netero is of them and he mentioned Ging Freccs and I think Razor is one of theme as you can see Gon, Killua and Hisoka stop Razor on the GREED ISLAND what do you think?

  16. My Top 20 :
    02-Isaac Netero
    03-Maha Zoldyck
    04-Ging Freecs
    05-beyond Netero
    06-Zeno Zoldyck
    07-Pariston Hill
    08-Adult Gon
    10-Chrollo Lucilfer
    11-Silva Zoldyck
    13-Illumi Zoldyck
    15-Cheadle Yorkshire
    16-Botobai Gigante
    19-Biscuit Krueger
    20-Kurapica ( Emperor Time )

  17. Wow! thanks guys for all your inputs. Its been quite a while since I visited but always waiting for the new chapters to come out. Personally, I still think that the Zoldycks are among the most powerful. Hisoka even mentioned that Illumi has a score of 85 which is higher compared to the other zodiacs.

  18. guess they're not the only one strongest since hunter x is just in episode 100+ there a lot more powerfull fellow out there but in terms of uniqueness ability i like feitan hes cool

  19. illumi is 95 not 85 read the manga again

  20. I want to know all of Ging Freecss abilities and also I want to watch the battle of Gon and Ging