Powerful NEN user - Enter Hisoka

Who is Hisoka!
Hisoka – a character in the hit anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter. Hisoka’s outer appearance is similar to a magician but is sometimes compared to a clown. However, don’t let this fool you as he is one of the ruthless and powerful antagonist in the manga. It would also be interesting to note that his clothing changes after each arc.

He has extreme confidence in his abilities and a good analysis of a person’s abilities and capabilities. Hisoka’s main goal in the series is to compete with strong NEN characters. Some of his targets include Kororo Lucifer, Ging Freecs, and Killua Zoldyck. Interestingly, he somewhat shows little interest in fighting Chairman Netero, Zeno Zoldyck, Sylva Zoldyck, and the Zodiac 13.

Showcase of Power and Abilities:
  • Almost killed an examiner in his first try of the Hunter Exam simply because he saw the examiner as weak.
  • Killed the same examiner in his second try of the Hunte Exam
  • First to escape the Trick Tower on the Hunter Exam arc
  • A regular roster in the upper floors of the Heavens Arena (for those who are unaware, only powerful fighters are able to reach the upper floors and compete with its strong rosters)
  • Faked his membership in the Phantom Troupe just to get close and have a match with its leader that is Kororo Lucifer
  • Causes uneasiness between some members of the Spider Brigade
  • Feared by a lot of NEN users
  • Killed Gotoh, a butler of the Zoldyck family
  • Killed a lot of Hunters including Bushidora and Teradein in the current arc of the series

The Verdict –
Sometime ago, have posted the powerful characters of the hit manga (and anime) series Hunter X Hunter. Some are wondering why Hisoka is not included on the list. Hands down, Hisoka is a powerful character in Hunter X Hunter with a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, that post is about the top “five” most powerful characters. So, even if Hisoka is in the upper tier of strong characters in the series, it would be quite impossible for him to enter the top five.

There are also a couple of instances wherein Hisoka had a difficult time with some lesser or weaker opponents like Kastro, the second examiner in the Hunter Exam arc, and Gotoh.

Though he is heavily injured in his fight with Razr (one of Ging’s friends and one of the creators of Greed Island), that is already a given since Razr is a tough opponent.

Now you know. Hisoka is indeed strong, but not enough to enter the top five.


  1. Actually, Hisoka sacrificed his arm to Kastro to know his abilities. But...yeah, he wouldn't be in the top 5

  2. Remember Machi said that Hisoka can end the match with Kastro without going that far. IHe just love to be fun in the fight.

    And Hisoka isn't care much about being injured. He's playfull and often let his weaker opponent injure him if he consider they as his interesting toy. But when he decide to kill someone without playing anymore, he'll kill quickly.

    We see Gin got punched by Leorieo, but he is one of the top5 nen user.

    I don't consider his injury in dodgeball game as serious injury. He didn't use Ko (just Bungee Gum) then so he broke his fingers but remember, compare to Tsezguerra, the guy got serious even using Ko.
    Moreover, I think hisoka is ok with that injury.

    Razor is clearly stronger than Hisoka in physical and in term of power. But this doesn't mean he is in higher level than Hisoka.
    (Just like that I don't think Ubogin is in the higher level than Kuroro though he is much much more stronger in physical and power.)
    In the game, he was forced to catch the ball to get it back.
    On the other hand, in the real battle, there's no need to take Razor's attack. And he may even end razor somehow without serious injury.

    I won't say Hisoka should be in the top5 list. But we shouldn't underrate Hisoka.
    His full speed & strenght haven't been shown yet. He just play around throuh the series.

    1. i think hisoka is together to the top 5 strongest because he want to fight kuroro and hisoka know the power of kuroro is perfect

    2. seriously??? Hisoka in the top 5? someone who loves fighting doesn't necessarily mean that they are that strong. Just look at the Zoldycks. They are strong but wouldn't fight and kill without proper payment

    3. hisoka can kill even the entire brigade of phantom troupe... in movie " the phantom rouge " he killed 3 ( i think) of the spider- only i can remember is feitan. he killed them in swoooshhh.... and he shows great agility and strategy. so dont underestimate that guy, coz your gonna get killed..

  3. Razor > Hisoka in everything. Physical strength, NEN, skills, abilities, experience, etc...
    Capturing Razor requires Gin, he is able to control and manipulate his NEN to actual players, the Spiders recognizes that he is a tough opponent, etc...
    Hisoka is a skilled killer but so is Razor. He changed when he met Gin. In a serious fight between Razor, Hisoka wouldn't stand a chance.

    1. is not true they have no a true in manga why you did not suggest to create a 1 fight from razor and hisoka

    2. Razor will massacre Hisoka - anytime anywhere

  4. Razor will own Hisoka

  5. Hisoka might not be that strong, but he sure is a cold blooded KILLER!!! :)