I am Legend Diecast Movie Car Hotwheels

About the movie / film / TV show: Will Smith stars in this movie – I am Legend. It falls under the zombie genre and is a great film about the end of human race due to a deadly contagious disease.

About the diecast: Movie diecast featured here is an exact replica of the car used by Will Smith in the movie “I am Legend”. The car has a minor role in the movie and used in the early parts of the movie wherein he is hunting a deer. This 2007 Shelby GT 500 diecast is produced by Hotwheels and is in 1:64 scale. This Shelby diecast is released on Hotwheels regular line up.

Price – 99 cents (US currency) Where to buy – Toy section of popular malls 

Pros – - Detailed diecast replica of a 2007 Shelby GT-500 for a non-official movie car released - Clean paint job - Was able to capture the snake emblem and word GT-500 on the sides, fog lights, and front mesh - Good choice of standard Hotwheels rims Cons – - Black plastic base. - Non detailed rear

Trivia / Notes / Why buy this diecast / Who should / would buy this diecast – This diecast vehicle would be a great addition to any movie diecast collectors and fans of the film.

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