Alluka Zoldyck Revealed - The Mysterious Member of the Zoldyck Family

The long wait and mystery is over. Finally, Alluka, the last of the Zoldyck family member is revealed. For the benefit of those who are not familiar, the Zoldycks are characters from the popular anime / manga Hunter x Hunter. Hunter X Hunter’s story revolves a young boy named Gon Freecs and the adventures that he had in his quest to locate his father Ging Freecs. The manga series is still on-going while the anime original series ran from 1999 to 2001. The anime has been re-released in 2011 but instead of continuing from the last episode of the original series, it will restart the story from the beginning of the manga. Anyway, this post is about the Zoldyck family, especially the last member to be revealed / introduced. To know more about HxH read the manga or watch the anime.

Before moving on to Alluka Zoldyck, a short introduction of the family is in order. The Zoldycks are a family of assassins. As depicted in both HxH manga and anime, they are rich, powerful, and popular. They reside on a huge mansion on top of a mountain, surrounded by powerful helpers, guards, and bizarre creatures – strangely, said mountain is a tourist spot on the area and any person or group of person who want to meet, fight, or kill a Zoldyck is welcomed to try. There are numerous instance that shows how strong and serious the Zoldycks are in their business. Only the highest bidder / employer can acquire their service since they get the job done no matter how powerful, influential, and dangerous the target is.

Alluka Zoldyck is the latest member of the family to be introduced. In the past, Alluka is shown only on a family picture and even on that picture, only his back is seen. In the latest manga, Alluka is seen sitting face front wearing a creepy smile. In the same manga, he is described by his father as a machine from something very dark, an uncontrollable monster. However, Killua (Gon’s bes friend and chosen successor of the Zoldyck family) believes that if his father and eldest brother can control Alluka, he can also with his current level. Not much is still known about Alluka. The manga ended with Killua seemingly talking and taking Alluka with him.


  1. Nice. Alluka is Nen Remover.

  2. this post should be updated. Alluka is a wish granter and not a nen remover based on the latest released chapters...
    ...just suggesting ;)

  3. Thanks guys / gals for the comments.
    Isn't it kinda strange that Alluka is referred to as a male by all other characters on HxH except for Killua which insists that she is a female. hmmmm....